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Family Law


support & alimony

custody & visitation

White collar crimes/fraud

Identity theft


bank & securities fraud

insurance fraud- auto & health

corporate investigations

public corruption

possession of narcotics - Marijuana/cocaine/heroin


federal criminal defense

Theft & property crimes

gun & weapons violations/Concealed pistol license issues  

criminal sexual conduct

Assaultive crimes

assault & battery

domestic violence

crimes against children- abuse, sexual misconduct, homicide

drug crimes - possession with intent to deliver/delivery manufacturing


OWI- operating While Intoxicated

owvI- operating while visibly impaired


Driver's License restoration









Practice Areas

We defend State and Federal criminal matters. Clients accused of criminal conduct need prompt action, an understanding of their legal rights, and strong representation to help them deal with law enforcement and prosecutors, as well as navigate the Michigan court system. We understand that the long-term effects of a criminal record/conviction often have a more serious impact on the client's life rather than the immediate punishment for the offense.

​If you feel you have been wrongfully convicted we can appeal your case to the Michigan Court of Appeals, the Michigan Supreme Court or the Federal Court.

At CZARNECKI & TAYLOR, we take the time to listen, to find the right answers and provide the best care and representation.