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                                                                 MICHIGAN DRIVER'S LICENSE RESTORATION

In the State of Michigan, where public transportation is lacking, a driver's license is critical to an individual's well-being.  Without a license you cannot go to work and earn an income.  You cannot take children to and from school, make doctor's appointments, visit family.  Essentially, you have to rely on others to drive you where you need to be.  That process can be burdensome for all those involved.

If you have your driver's license suspended or revoked because of drinking and driving offenses, we can help.  You will receive a clear explanation of the process of driver's license restoration in Michigan.  Starting the process of obtaining your driving privileges is the first step in getting your life back under your control.  You no longer have to rely on others for transportation.  We are available 24/7, 365 days a year, to answer your questions.

We Have a Successful Record of Getting Your License Back

One misconception that I often hear from clients is that the DAAD will deny you the first time you appear.  That is simply not true, at least not in my experience.   However, this often happens when people do not hire an attorney. That is why it is very important to have an attorney who is excellent at license restoration.  In that sense, we want to prepare the best record and evidence we can the first time and win.  I have a track record of winning over 95% of Michigan driver's license review hearings in which I represented clients at the first hearing.  My success lies in my approach.  

Before I even file your paperwork to request a hearing, I diligently and thoroughly review all of your documents.  This means that I review the substance abuse evaluation report, the 10 panel drug screen, the letters of reference, AA attendance sheets, among other pieces of evidence so that they are consistent and reliable under strict scrutiny of the hearing officers.  Our success is the result of extensive preparation.  Once the documents have been submitted and I received a notice of hearing from the State of Michigan, I will arrange a time to prepare you to testify before the hearing officer.  I will ask you all of the questions that will be asked during the hearing.  I find that a prepared client is a relaxed client and that helps make a favorable impression on the hearing officer.  I have appeared at nearly every Driver Assessment & Appeal Division Hearing Office in Southeastern Michigan so I have experience and understand what the hearing officer needs for us to show by clear and confining evidence that you are able to drive according to the law.  It our burden to prove you should drive again, and I will do everything I can to meet that burden with you.  We work together.

If you have moved from Michigan and live in another state, I can help you obtain a "clearance" so that your new home state can grant you a driver's license.  I have represented people from Florida, Texas, New York, Ohio and several other states.  I can often arrange it so that you only have to come back to Michigan to attend the hearing.  

A Written Guarantee

I have been doing license restoration for over 10 years.  I have a 95% rate of getting my clients their license. That is why I guarantee our work.  If we do not get your driver's license restored at the initial hearing, I will represent you for free until we win.  Specifically, this means you will not have to pay any additional legal fees to our office.  I will work until we win and you can drive again.  My reputation and success rate are important to me as your driver's license is to you. As you can see by the guarantee, it is  in our mutual interest to succeed the first time.  This means that if we are denied at the first hearing, I will prepare the appeal to circuit court and argue for full restoration of your license at no legal cost to our office.  Essentially, I do not stop until we win.

Free Consultation 24/7-365

You can contact our office at any time to discuss your situation.  When we meet and after a review of your driving record, and if you are eligible, we will immediately begin work on your case.  I will give you an information sheet detailing everything that needs to be done on your part.  I will also discuss your situation in great detail.

My goal is to get your license returned so that you can travel to work, school, or your family, and stop relying on others. From over 10 years of experience restoring driver's licenses, I know and understand the severe consequences of losing a license and will work hard to get your license back.​

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