Throughout the years Czarnecki & Taylor has compiled a successful record of representing clients with criminal case in Macomb, Oakland and Wayne County, Sanilac, Saint Clair, Livingston, and Genessee courts. Our knowledge and experience has given us the advantage of achieving successful results at all stages of a criminal proceedings including pre-trial negotiations, pretrial conferences, probable cause conferences, preliminary examinations, motion hearings, evidentiary hearings, trials, 6.500 motions, appeals and habeas corpus relief in federal court.

Ultimately, you want to know if your potential lawyer is qualified to handle your case.  You want to know if they are experienced.  You deserve that information.  This is not a complete list but is just a sample of what our office has proudly achieved for our clients:

NEW! Baltimore District Court
Charge:  Possession of Marijuana

Result:  Evidence Suppressed and Case Dismissed based on 4th Amendment violation

The client had been stopped by the police for a civil infraction.  The client had not been engaged in any other criminal activity.  The officers searched the client's purse without probable cause.  Evidentiary hearing held.  Briefs filed.  The court dismissed the case as the evidence had to be suppressed because of the very clear Fourth Amendment violation.

NEW! Macomb County Circuit Court

Charges:  Assault with Intent to Commit Great Bodily Harm Less Than Murder; Felonious Assault

Result:  Felony charges dismissed; reached a plea where client would receive a misdemeanor

​We prepared for trial for several months.  We conducted an investigation, interviewed witnesses and had our client ready to testify.  We had our defense strategy ready to be presented to the jury.  After discussions with the prosecutor, we reached a resolution.  The prosecution and our office were willing to work together in the interest of justice to reach a fair and reasonable plea in the interest of all parties.  A fair resolution had been reached.  The client was pleased with the outcome.  

NEW!  Driver's License and Appeal Division/Michigan Secretary of State

Case:  Appeal Hearing for Reinstatement of License

Result:  Driver's license reinstated

We represented our client at a hearing at the Michigan Secretary of State hearing office.  After presenting evidence, we established that our client has maintained his sobriety for several years and that he was a low risk for repeating his offenses.  Since we had his license reinstated he was now able to drive again and pursue a promotion at his work.  

Michigan Supreme Court, Michigan Court of Appeals

Charge:  4 Counts Criminal Sexual Conduct -First Degree

Result:  Convictions Overturned; New Trial Granted

Our client had been convicted, after a trial, of 4 counts of criminal sexual conduct.  I was retained to appeal the case.  After reviewing the trial transcripts, I discovered that the trial attorneys made mistakes by violating my client's 6th amendment right to be present at trial.  I filed a motion for a new trial and evidentiary hearing in the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice.  After cross-examining the trial attorneys, I made the argument that my client deserved a new trial.  The prosecutor vehemently argued that this conviction must stand.  The trial court agreed with me and granted a new trial.  The prosecutor appealed to the Michigan Court of Appeals.  I wrote the brief and appeared for argument in the Court of Appeals.  After argument, the court issued a published opinion (making this case binding precedent and controlling law in the State of Michigan) and agreed with me that my client deserved a new trial.  The prosecutor appealed to the Michigan Supreme Court.  I wrote a brief and filed it with the Michigan Supreme Court.  After reading the briefs, the Court agreed with my argument and agreed my client should have a new trial.

Michigan Court of Appeals

Charge:  Criminal Sexual Conduct, Assault With a Dangerous Weapon

Result:  Convictions for Assault with a Dangerous Weapon Overturned and Dismissed

After a trial, the jury convicted the client of assault with a dangerous weapon.  The family hired me to review the case and the actions of the trial attorney.  After reviewing the case and doing the research, the facts clearly showed the court, prosecutor and defense attorney made mistakes as it was impossible for my client to be convicted of using a firearm in this case.  At oral argument in the Michigan Court of Appeals, the Wayne County Prosecutor​ agreed with me and the Court of Appeals vacated those 3 convictions.  The case was remanded back to the trial court for resentencing.

Michigan Court of Appeals, Frank Murphy Hall of Justice, Wayne County

Charges:  Delivery Manufacture of Cocaine

Result:  Conviction overturned in Court of Appeals, new trial granted and new plea offered by Wayne County Prosecutor

I was responsible for reviewing the trial transcripts, researching the law, and writing the arguments agains the injustice that occurred in this case.  During a review of the transcripts I was suspicious as to how the police knew to arrive at the scene where my client was arrested. He drove a trench digger truck bag to Michigan.  Upon arrival of the delivery point, the police swarmed the vehicle with drug dogs.  The dogs "hit" on the tires and discovered that cocaine was hidden inside the large tires.  Something was missing though.  How did the police know to be there, because when asked by trial counsel how they knew where to be they were evasive.  In fact a police witness, the confidential information had committed perjury.  I dissevered this by reading this transcripts.  In fact, when we ordered the transcripts, the date of a hearing was not given to us by the court.  When we obtained the transcript for that particular day, we discovered the court conducted a hearing not attended by defense counsel.  In the hearing, the police, prosecutor and judge all knew the confidential information committed perjury during the trial.  As a result, I drafted the appellate brief and filed it in the Court of Appeals.  I argued that our client deserved a new trial based upon the perjury.  As a result, the Court of Appeals agreed and vacated the conviction.  

The original sentence the client received was 20 years after the trial.  We received a new plea offer for 5 years with credit for the 1 year served.  While we urged the client to go to trial, he accepted the plea.

As a result of the appeal, the Wayne County Prosecutor fired the prosecutor on this case.  Later, the judge, prosector and the police were charged with crimes.  None of them are working in the legal system today.

Frank Murphy Hall of Justice, Wayne County
Charges:  Attempted Murder, Felonious Assault

Result:  Not guilty on attempted murder and all assaultive crimes

Our client had been charged with attempted murder, felonious assault, assault with a dangerous weapon resulting from a shooting that occurred on the floor of the Jefferson Chevrolet dealership.  This was in fact my first trial out of law school.  My client had been choked by another employee to the point that he was losing consciousness by a man twice his size.  My client feared for is life.  In response to the situation my client pulled out his legally concealed pistol and fired a single shot into the attacker's abdomen to stop the assault.  Despite the facts, the prosecutor charged his with attempts murder among other charges.  Because of the seriousness of the severity of the crimes, we went to trial. We argued self-defense.   After the trial, the jury found my client not guilty of all the assaultive crimes.

Michigan Supreme Court

Case:  Kent County Judge Refused to Grant Indigent Defendants attorneys so they could appeal their cases

Result:  Supreme Court issued order of superintending control ordering the judge to obey the United State Supreme Court decision in Halbert 

A judge in Kent county refused to appoint indigent defendant's appellate counsel if they plead guilty to an offense.  In that sense, the court refused to allow a person to have an attorney to appeal a plea based conviction with the assistance of an attorney.  With a team of attorneys from the ACLU criminal division we appealed to the Michigan Supreme Court asking the court to issue an order requiring the trial court to obey the United States Supreme Court decision.  The court granted the order.  As a result indigent defendants would receive appointed appellate counsel from this judge in Kent County, Michigan.

Frank Murphy Hall of Justice, Wayne County

Charge:  First-Degree Murder

Result:  New trial granted

The client was convicted of first-degree murder by conspiracy.  I was employed to review and read the transcripts and formulate the arguments attacking the trial court representation.  I discovered that the trial attorneys did not use evidence favorable to my client's trial.  I filed a motion for a Ginter hearing where I was allowed to cross-examine the trial attorneys and the manner of their representation under the Sixth Amendment.  I won.  The trial court agreed with my argument after the hearing and granted my client a new trial.  

Macomb County Circuit Court, Mt. Clemens, Michigan
Charge:  Multiple Counts Criminal Sexual Conduct-- First-Degree

Result:  Not guilty

Our client faced criminal sexual conduct charges resulting from allegations make by his niece.  My client had maintained his innocence from the very first day.  Despite numerous plea offers that would have reduced his mandatory offense of no less than twenty years (even though the court could have granted consecutive sentencing equaling a minimum of 40 years), my client rejected the plea stating in open court, "if it is one day or 50 years, I did not do this offense, I will go to trial."  He put all of his trust in me and went to trial.  After a 4 day jury trial, we won.  Client found not guilty of all charges.

Macomb County Circuit Court

Charges: Second Degree Murder

                  Second Degree Murder

                  Homicide With Motor Vehicle

                 Homicide With Motor Vehicle

                  Operating While Intoxicated Causing Death

                  Operating While Intoxicated Causing Death

                  Driving While License Suspended Causing Death

                  Driving While License Suspended Causing Death


                  Driving While License Suspended

Results:  Client accepted plea offer on the trial date; 8 out of the 10 charges were dismissed and we had reached a sentence agreement that my client wanted to accept.


I had vigorously defended this case for over a year.  I had prepared for trial with extreme diligence.  I utilized accident deconstructionists to interpret the evidence.  I had contacted experts regarding the blood and alcohol results.  I defended with motions.  In conducted the preliminary examination.  Additionally, I filed appeals in the case while the case continued all the way to the Michigan Supreme Court.  On the date of trial, my client accepted the plea offer where 8 of the 10 charges would be dismissed with a sentence agreement that my client accepted.  I stood ready to try the case and the client and his family knew how prepared I was to defend him.  I wanted to try this case based upon the facts.

52/3 District Court, Rochester, Michigan/42 Romeo District Court
Charges:  Delivery Manufacture of Marijuana/Leaving Scene of Accident causing Injury
Result:  Cases Dismissed on motions and evidentiary hearings

Client was accused of driving a truck into a postal carrier van causing an injury and leaving the scene.  A description of the perpetrator was never given.  Based on information provided by the police, the Romeo district court granted the police a search warrant to search the home of our client who lives in Rochester.  They were looking for a truck.  With the assistance of the Oakland County Sheriff, the police forcibly entered my client's home.  During the search they found a marijuana grow operation.  I held the preliminary examination in Rochester and argued that the warrant issued by Romeo was defective and that the Macomb County Sheriff and Oakland County sheriff improperly searched the home.  After writing a brief for the Rochester court, the court agreed and suppressed the evidence.  Case dismissed.  In the Romeo Court I argued that pursuant to the Rochester court, the Romeo court warrant was defective.  The Court agreed and dismissed the case for leaving the scene.

Oakland County Circuit Court
Charges:  Criminal Sexual Conduct First-Degree

Result:  HYTA granted/case dismissed

Client, under the age of 21, was charged with criminal sexual conduct in Oakland County.  We had successfully negotiated a plea deal where my client would accept responsibility for a reduced offense under the Holmes Youthful Trainee Act.  Very fact specific case that allowed this deal.  This means that if he completed probation there would be no record of the offense.  Client successfully completed probation and all charges dismissed.  

Macomb County Circuit Court, 41B District Court - Clinton Township

Charge:  Embezzlement of $1,000,000
Result:  Charges dismissed and reduced to disorderly conduct 771.1 granted and case dismissed

Client was charged with embezzlement of over $1,000,000.  I fought this case for 2 years with motions and hearings.  I had employed former IRS supervisors as my forensic accountant to assist.  I held the preliminary examination.  When the case was bound over to circuit court, I filed a motion to remained back to the 41B district court for another preliminary examination.  After years of work, the prosecutor agreed to dismiss the case and offer a disorderly conduct.  My clients accepted and the court granted MCL 771.1 retroactive to the date of the offense allegation and the case was dismissed.

Macomb County Circuit Court, Juvenile

Charge:  Attempted First-Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct

Result:  Case Dismissed

Client was accused of making a threat involving sexual conduct.  After talking with witnesses and conducting an investigation it was determined that the complainant was not telling the truth.  We brought this information to the prosecutor's attention during pretrial discussions.  The prosecutor agreed that the case should be dismissed.

Removal from CPS (Child Protective Services List)

Action:  Client was placed on the CPS list for actions of her ex-husband

Result:  Client was removed from the list

Client met with us because she was attempting to get her grandchildren out of foster care.  The children were placed in different homes.  However, the grandmother could not make the attempt to do so because she was placed on a CPS list a decade ago.  We filed an appeal to CPS and attended the hearing where we argued that she should not be on the list.  The administrative officer disagreed with us.  We then appealed to the circuit court.  Upon discussion with the attorney general's office, the attorney general agreed that after reviewing the transcripts our client should be removed from the list.  The first hearing officer was wrong.  Now, since the client is removed from the list, she can pursue getting her grandchildren back together as a family.

Sanilac County Circuit Court

Charge:  Possession & Delivery Manufacture of Methamphetamines

Result:  Plea deal negotiated and the recommended sentence of 4 years in prison was reduced to a term of probation

Client was charged with delivery/manufacture of meth as well as possession.  This is a 20 year offense.  We had discussions with the prosecution explaining that our client was not involved with any of the manufacture process.  The prosecutor agreed.  At the time of sentencing, the probation department recommended a term of prison.  We argued against that sentence and the judge agreed to place our client on probation.  Client was able to keep working and provide for his family.

Macomb County Circuit Court

Charge:  Assault with Intent to Do Great Bodily Harm Less Than Murder

Result:  Case Dismissed

Our client had been charged with causing serious injury to an individual in a bar.  The identification had varied and was questionable.  This was a heavily litigated case.  Upon motion, in the circuit court, challenging the identification process as being unduly suggestive and in violation of the constitution, the case was dismissed.

Macomb County Circuit Court

Charges:  Embezzlement

Result:  Charges reduced, restitution reduced by > $35,000

Our client as charged with embezzlement of over monies greater than $100,000.  We successfully got the amount of money reduced.  Negotiated a deal whereby the original felony was reduced.  Furthermore, if the total amount of the agreed upon restitution was paid, the felony would be reduced again.  Client would be eligible for an expungement and clean his criminal history back to nothing.

37th Warren District Court

Charge:  Possession with Intent to Deliver Heroin

Result:  Evidence suppressed due to illegal search and seizure under the 4th Amendment/ case dismissed

Together with a colleague we argued that the traffic stop for a license plate in the case was invalid.  When client was stopped the police impounded the vehicle and searched it.  During the search the police found heroin. Upon legal arguments made in the Fourth Amendment brief, I argued that the police violated the inventory policy of the police department for improper impound procedures.  In essence, the search was not part of a "caretaking" function but was instead a criminal search without justification under the law.  The court agreed that the traffic stop and evidence seized must be suppressed under the 4th Amendment exclusionary rule.

34th District Court, Romulus
Airport and TSA Violations, Weapon at Security Entrance

Result:  Dismissed pursuant to MCL 771.1 (Delayed sentence with prosecutor agreement to nolle pros)

A weapon was found in our client’s luggage as she was going on a trip.  The knife had been placed there a year or two before her travel.  We negotiated the case whereby the original charge was dismissed and reduced to a disorderly conduct under 771.1.  Ultimately the case was dismissed after a short term of non-reporting probation.

41-B District Court, Clinton Township
Charge:  Stalking

Result:  Not guilty

Due to a volatile relationship, allegations had surfaced against our client by his girlfriend.  Since no plea offer was given, we had to go to trial.  After a bench trial, the court found the client not guilty.

41A District Court, Shelby Township

Civil Lawsuit

Result:  Judgment in our client's favor for an excess of $25,000

While we do not typically do civil suits, our office had to take action on behalf of a senior in need of legal help.  Our office eceived its judgment for damages from our lawsuit against a contractor who took advantage of a senior citizen in Shelby Township, Macomb County.  The contractor took his money and only did half of the work.  The contractor never returned any of our client's calls.  Our client's new structure was badly built and a danger.  We received the judgment in excess of $25,000 against the contractor to compensate the gentleman for his losses.

40th District Court, Saint Clair Shores

Charge:  Prescription Fraud

Result:  Dismissed at preliminary examination

Our client was charged with prescription fraud in Saint Clair Shores when it was alleged that she had presented the pharmacy with a fraudulent prescription.  Client maintained her innocence.  After thorough investigation of the case, we decided to conduct the preliminary examination.  During the hearing, the court stopped the hearing mid-way and dismissed the case against our client.

39th District Court, Roseville

Charge:  Domestic Violence

Result:  769.4a Granted and after term of probation the case was dismissed

We negotiated a plea bargain where our client accepted responsibility for the offense and in exchange for his plea, after a term of probation, the case would be dismissed and kept off of the client's criminal history.  Later, he was able to obtain employment with a security clearance with the federal government.  

Federal Court, Eastern District of Michigan

Charge:  Assaulting a Treasury Agent

Result:  Diversion, Case Dismissed

My client had been accused of assaulting a treasury agent during the service on the office for a search warrant.  My client had no prior criminal record.  We negotiated a plea deal where the client was placed on diversion to avoid a federal prosecution.  Diversion had been granted and the case dismissed.

Oakland County Circuit Court, Pontiac

Charge:  Embezzlement > $50,000

Result:  Plea negotiated that avoided prison time, client was placed on probation, amount of recitation was reduced

​After  several months of negotiating we reached a fair plea bargain with the prosecutor's office.  Pursuant to a Cobb's agreement, our client avoided prison and jail time, and was placed on probation.  The amount of restitution was reduced to properly reflect the amount of money at issue.  

Federal Court, Eastern District of Michigan

Charge:  Union Fraud

Result:  Diversion, Case Dismissed

Our client had been accused of fraudulent activities as a union administrator.  My client had no prior criminal record.  We negotiated the case and had the client placed on diversion to avoid a federal prosecution.  Diversion had been granted and the case dismissed.

Federal Court, Eastern District of Michigan

Charge:  Alien Smuggling

Result:  Dismissed at preliminary examination

Client had been accused of being part of a smuggling ring that helped foreign individuals exit and enter via New York from Canada and other places.  I filed my requests for evidence that had not been produced by the federal government.  At the date for the examination, case was dismissed.  Client never charged or indicted.

41-A District Court, Shelby Township
Charge: Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol

Result:  Case reduced to careless driving on date of trial after plea negotiations.

The client had been charged with Operating While Intoxicated with a BAC of .08.  After negotiating with the city attorney the case was reduced to a civil infraction with a dismissal of the drinking and driving offense.  

42-2 District Court, New Baltimore
Charge:  Domestic Violence: 

Result:  Not guilty

We held a trial because our client insisted that he did not do the offense.  After a trial, the court found our client not guilty.

37th Centerline District Court

Charge:  Home Invasion - First Degree
Result:  Case Dismissed


Our client was an autistic individual, 22 years of age with mental ability of a 6 year old.  He was accused of leaving his home in the middle of the night, walking several miles, kicking the door open of an elderly woman and robbing her.  The case was preposterous.  We had serious discussions with the prosecution and the charges were dismissed.

40th District Court, St. Clair Shores
Charge:  CCW in a motor vehicle

Result:  CCW in a motor vehicle dismissed and reduced to civil infraction

Client was accused of having a firearm in his vehicle during a traffic stop.  He had a CPL but it had expired and he was in the process of renewal.  After discussions with the police and prosecutor the charge was reduced to a civil infraction.  Client paid a fine and case closed.

Macomb County Circuit Court

Charge:  Failure to Register for SORA

Result:  Not guilty

Client was charged with failing to register for the sex offender list in his new city.  With co-counsel, the case was tried to jury and client was found not guilty as we had shown that he had made every attempt to register and follow the law as a rehabilitated offender. 

37th District Court, Warren

Charge:  Possession of Marijuana

Result:  MCL 333.7411 granted and case ultimately dismissed

41-A District Court, Sterling Heights

Charge:  Attempted Murder
Result:  Attempted Murder dismissed and reduced to assault and battery.

Client, a youth, was accused of stabbing other youth's over an exchange of prescription pills.  The young men who wanted the pills violently attacked and beat my client using mace. My client used a small pocket knife in self-defense.  After negotiations with the police and prosecutor, the case was dismissed and reduced to assault and battery. 

37th District Court, Warren

Charge:  Possession of a Controlled Substance

Result:  Dismissed after preliminary examination and 4th Amendment Argument

Client was charged with felony possession of a controlled substance.  The stop in this case while justified, did not justify that search and seizure of the vehicle.  After conduction the preliminary examination and making the 4th Amendment arguments, the case was dismissed due to the 4th Amendment violation.

Macomb County Circuit Court

Charge:  Attempted Murder with lesser offense of Assault With Intent to Commit Great Bodily Harm Less Than Murder

Result:  Case Dismissed on motion to quash the bind over in circuit court

Client was charge with attempted murder after an incident that occurred at his apartment with his girlfriend.  He maintained that his girlfriend had threatened to harm herself if he broke up with her.  He still had to break up the relationship.  She cut herself with the knife.  He grabbed her to prevent her from causing serious harm.  He yelled to the neighbors to call 911.  The police arrived and arrested him despite her admission and despite his innocence that he kept telling the police.  We held the preliminary examination in the case.  The district court court bound the case over for trial on the notion that it was a question of fact if the people were telling the truth.  I wrote a motion to quash the bind over in the circuit court.  The court, in  stroke of justice, dismissed the case. 

41 B District Court/Oakland County Circuit Court

Domestic Violence, Probation Violation

Result:  Case dismissed, probation violation dismissed

Client charged with domestic violence against her ex-husband.  On the date of trial, all of the witnesses appeared in court.   After discussion with the prosecutor, the case was dismissed.  We appeared in Oakland County Circuit court for the probation violation.  Despite the fact that the Macomb County case was dismissed, the probation department still wanted our client convicted and sentenced for a probation violation because she had negative police contact.  We refused.  Upon argument to the court, the court agreed with us and dismissed the probation violation.

Michigan Court of Appeals

Charge:  Armed Robbery

Result:  Remand for Resentencing

Client plead guilty to the armed from robbery offense.  I received the case for an appeal.  Upon review I discovered that the sentencing guidelines were not scored correctly.  Had they been scored correctly my client's sentence would be less than what he received.  I filed the appeal in the Court of Appeals.  The court agreed and remedied the case back to the trial court for resentencing.  The client's sentence had been reduced. 

Saint Clair County Circuit Court, Juvenile Court

Charge:  Possession of Narcotics

Result:  Placed on consent calendar and case dismissed

Client was arrested and charge with possession of narcotics.  The police told the family that they did not need a lawyer and that he would "get a slap on the wrist."  The client's family called our office and stated that they were not sure if they needed an attorney based upon what the police officer had told her.  We explained that you sometimes need an attorney not for what you know will happen but when something expected happens.  The family hired our firm.  Luckily, they did.  When we arrived in court the prosecutor wanted the child to plead guilty as charged and have the crime on the juvenile record.  Had we not been there, the family would have been in a difficult situation.  We negotiated with the prosecutor to have the case placed on the consent calendar.  That means it is removed from the juvenile record.  The client had to sign a contract with the court to perform on probation.  Upon successful completion, the case was dismissed.  

Macomb County Circuit Court

Case:  Appeal from Denial of Driver's License Restoration Hearing

Result:  Full License Granted

​Our client applied for a drivers' license restoration hearing.  The Secretary of State denied his request for even restricted driving privileges.  After compiling all of the evidence we appealed his case to the circuit court.  On argument with the assistant attorney general representing the state, we prevailed by arguing that the denial of our client's license was arbitrary and capricious.  His full license was granted without an interlock device because his evidence had been presented so convincingly.

41-B District Court, Clinton Township
Charge: Possession With Intent to Deliver Marijuana

Result:  7411 granted and felony charges reduced to misdemeanor 

When we arrived at court to meet with the prosecutor we negotiated a deal at district court that the client would plead guilty to possession of marijuana under 7411 with a dismissal of the felony.  Case dismissed after the client served a period of probation.

Macomb County Circuit Court

Charge:  5 counts of larceny in a building, felonies

Result:  All 5 felonies dismissed and reduced to 2 misdemeanors

Client was caught on video committing crime.  Negotiated case at circuit court where client would plead guilty for dismissal of all 5 felonies in exchange for payment of restitution and 2 misdemeanors.  

Ferndale District Court

Charge:  Domestic Violence

Result:  Dismissed

After a night out for client's birthday, she returned home with her boyfriend.  Boyfriend assaulted our client and beat her.  He threatened her and told her he would have her arrested.  He called the police and told them that he assaulted her.  The police arrived, and without question, arrested our client without even acknowledging her injuries.  Upon release from jail, she called our office and met with us.  We immediately told her to go the the hospital to document her injuries and to get photographs.  When we arrived at court we showed the prosecutor the pictures of our client and the the beating that our client suffered at the hands of the "alleged" victim.  The prosecutor was appalled at the case, and even the police, and dismissed the charges.

This case was such an injustice, and although we are a criminal defense firm, we filed a civil lawsuit against the boyfriend for the assault, false charges, and legal fees.  We resolved the case out of court with a settlement.   

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